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                   (Props: small soccer ball and the sound of glass breaking)

ROCKY        (Enter all children) Say, everybody, let’s play kickball! (Everyone

                   acts excited) My team will be outfield first and I’ll pitch. (They

                   split up into two groups and Rocky “rolls” the ball to Rusty who

                   “kicks” it. The ball is thrown upward behind the stage and the

                   sound of glass breaking is heard) Oh, no! Let’s get outta here quick,

                   before Grandpa finds out that we broke his window! (All exit

                   quickly except Rusty, Piper and Sandy, then Grandpa enters)

GRANDPA   Who broke my window?
RUSTY        I did, Grandpa. We were playing kickball. I’m sorry, I guess we

                    were playing too close to your garage. It was my idea to play

                    kickball today. I promise we’ll never play this close again!
GRANDPA   You said “we,”  so where are the others?
RUSTY        I guess they ran away.
GRANDPA   I’m glad you decided to stay. It tells me that you’re a responsible
                      person. Piper, do you mind cleaning up the glass?
PIPER           O.K., Grandpa!

GRANDPA   After you clean up, the three of you can come in and have some

                   cookies and juice if you like.

SANDY         Thank you, Grandpa! (All exit)

ROCKY        (Rocky, Opal and Crystal enter) Boy, I feel sorry for Rusty! He

                   should’ve run away, too!

OPAL            Do you think Grandpa is punishing him? (Rusty enters in a

                       cheerful mood) Rusty, what happened? Did he . . .
ROCKY         Yeah, Rusty, are you . . .
CRYSTAL     You didn’t get . . .

RUSTY          O.K., O.K., everything’s alright, but he does want to talk to all of

                    us, as soon as we can get back over there.

CRYSTAL     Are you sure you didn’t get . . .

RUSTY         No, Crystal, but things won’t be fine if we don’t go back!

CRYSTAL     How about if we each give him five dollars. That should be

                    enough to pay for the damage!


OPAL             That sounds like a good idea, then, maybe, he won’t be so mad!

                    (All exit and reenter with Grandpa)


SANDY        Grandpa, we’re sorry that we were playing too close to your garage

                    and that we broke your window!

ROCKY         And we’re sorry we ran away!

OPAL          Yes, and we all decided that each of us would pay five dollars to

                    buy a new window, out of our allowances.

GRANDPA    That’s fine with me! You know, this reminds me of a story in the

                    Bible about King David. In II Samuel chapters 5 and 6, David

                    decided to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem. He took thirty

                    thousand of his men with him to Gilbeah to bring the Ark of God

                    to Jerusalem and had the oxen to carry it back. In Numbers 4:15,

                    God said that the priests were to bear the Ark of God and if anyone

                    touched it, he would die. The Ark began to shake because of the

                    oxen carrying it. A man named Uzzah grabbed it and the Lord

                    smote him for his error. This scared King David, so he brought

                    the Ark of God to Obed-edom the Gittite and returned to Jerusalem

                    without the ark. After about three months, King David found out

                    that God was blessing Obed-edom and all his household, so he

                    went back to the ark and brought it to Jerusalem with gladness.


OPAL          Oh, I see! You’re saying that Rusty was like the man who took

                   care of the Ark of God and everyone else was like David and his

                   men, who left their responsibilities behind.


CRYSTAL    And Obed-edom got all the blessings that King David should’ve


GRANDPA    We should all learn to be responsible for the things we do, just

                    like Obed-edom who took care of the Ark of God when no one

                    else would. He was really the hero of that story!

CRYSTAL     (Romantically to Rusty) My hero!
RUSTY          Oh, knock it off, Crystal!
ROCKY         Thank you, Grandpa! We’ll be more careful where we play and be

                        more responsible from now on! (All say good byes as they exit)


copyright 2008 Terry Price