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SANDY    Hey, Rocky, would you like to hear a song that our church choir

                has been practicing?


ROCKY  Well, I guess so, Sandy!


SANDY   The song is “This is My Father’s World.”  (Sandy sings the song)


ROCKY  That’s a nice song, but like the other songs you sing, I don’t

               understand this one either!


SANDY   What is it this time?


ROCKY  The song goes, “This is my father’s world.”  Doesn’t it belong

               to a lot of fathers?


SANDY   Oh, I see what you’re saying!  This song is about our Heavenly

               Father, who is God in heaven!


ROCKY  Are you trying to say that we have two fathers?


SANDY   Yes!


ROCKY  And all this time, I thought we had one!


SANDY   Actually, if you’re a Christian, then, you have an earthly father

               and a Heavenly Father!


ROCKY  Oh, I never thought of it like that before!


SANDY   What’s really neat is that God wants to “father” us by helping us

               with our needs and I believe that He can do much more than

               what our earthly father can do!  John 16:23 says, “Whatever ye

               shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you!





ROCKY  Are you saying that when we talk to God, our Father, in Jesus’

               name, that He gives us things that we ask for, better than what

               our earthly father can do?


SANDY   Well, can our earthly father do miracles?


ROCKY  Well, Mom thinks he can!


SANDY   What do you mean by that?


ROCKY  One time, when Dad came home early, he cleaned up the house.

               Later that day, when mom came home and saw what he did, she

               raised up her hands and said, “It’s a miracle!”  


SANDY  Rocky, that’s not the kind of miracle I’m talking about, at least,

              not the kind that God wants to do for His Christian children!


ROCKY  God does more than miracles for us, doesn’t He?


SANDY   Yes, He helps us throughout life as we ask Him to, even in the

               little things.


ROCKY  You know what, Sandy?  I’m gonna start praying to God just

               like He is my Father!


SANDY   That sounds like a good thing to do!  This reminds me of

               another song . . .


ROCKY  Oh, it’s time to go, bye!  (Rocky quickly exits)


SANDY   I wasn’t gonna sing . . . Oh, never mind!  (Sandy turns to the

               audience) See y’all later, bye!