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Puppetry Tips


1. If you ever find yourself having to do puppets in front of two year olds try this method:. 

      Bring the puppets out first to the two year olds before you perform.  Let them touch them, if they will, and explain
    to them that they are just dolls.  You might even ask them to put their hand inside the puppet, as well.  Have them
    understand that they really don't come to life.  If they are afraid to touch them, then it is recommended that they
    don't watch the play. We don't want our children to believe in magic. 

 2. If you are putting your stage together with plastic pipes, try sewing velcro strips about six inches below the top of
    the curtain, allowing room for the vertical pipes.  This will make the curtain, faster and easier, to be put on.  If you 
    sew the curtain horizontally six inches below the top of the curtain, then you end up having to slide the pipes 
    through the holes and that can take two or three people to put if together.

3.   If you said or did something funny to make people laugh, go ahead and wait for the laughter to die down before 
     you continue with the play.  Your next line may be too important for the audience to miss and your listeners will
     feel like they are a part of your play.

4.   For a better lip-synch, try looking a your puppets mouth as you perform.  (Of course, you should have your
     lines memorized for this, or you might lose your place on your script.)  It is easier to lip-synch to music that
     you already know, so during your singing time, watch your puppet's mouth.  Also, practice in front of a mirror,
     but if one is not available, watch your puppet's mouth as you sing a familiar song.  (You can also do this with
     just your hand, if you don't have a puppet nearby.)