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"Miracles happen everyday, yet sometimes we need to open our hearts

and minds to see them. In Miracles Happen, author Terry G. Price

shares a compilation of stories detailing some of the unusual happenings

and miracles that have happened in his life and those close to him.

From getting locked in a freezer as a child and being found, to relief

from hiccups, to near death experiences and ghostly encounters, Price

tells how his prayers to the Lord were answered. While narrating a 

wide range of interesting situations, he discusses how many times

failures turned into blessings.

With photos, poems, puppet play, and song lyrics included,

Miracles Happen gives credit to Jesus for the many blessings he's

received in his lifetime. It sends a message of encouagement to

others. It discusses how God gave Price the vision that led to

wonderful miracles which drew him closer to the Lord and also

changed the life of others."