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RUSTY    (Rusty and Piper enter) Piper, I’m having trouble being friends with
                 Rocky lately.
PIPER      Why?
RUSTY     He just doesn’t like to do things with me anymore.
 PIPER      Aren’t you being friendly with him?
RUSTY     Well, I guess I haven’t . . .
PIPER      Do you remember the lesson that we had about wisdom that we
                  learned in Sunday school?
RUSTY     Yes!
PIPER      Do you remember what book of the Bible is the book about wisdom?
RUSTY     Yes, it’s Proverbs!
PIPER      In Proverbs 18:24, it says, “A man that hath friends must show
                 himself friendly.”
RUSTY     How’re we supposed to be friendly?
PIPER      Luke 6:32 says, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye
                 also to them likewise.”
RUSTY     Oh! So, I should do for others what I’d want them to do for me, right?
PIPER      Right! (Rocky enters from other side) Say, Rocky’s right over there!
                 why don’t you go ahead and try to be friends with him, now?
RUSTY     Hey, Rocky, could I talk with you for a minute?
ROCKY    Oh . . . O.K.!
RUSTY     I was wandering if I could play kickball with you? I’ll bring my ball
                 and won’t even cry if I make an out! What do you say?
ROCKY    Will you promise me that you won’t cry?
RUSTY     I promise!
ROCKY    Then it sounds O.K. by me! I’ll meet you in a few minutes by
                 Grandpa’s house as soon as I round up the gang. Oh, you can come
                too, Piper!
PIPER      O.K.! See you there!
RUSTY    Bye! (Rocky exits)
PIPER      It looks like you and Rocky are friends again! If you never cried,
                 this problem never would've happened.
RUSTY     You’re right! You know, Rocky’s not such a bad friend, after all!
                 Piper, a while ago we were talking about making friends. Does this
                 mean we have to be friends with girls, too?
PIPER      Yes, it does!
RUSTY     Iiick! Girls aren’t any fun! They are too sissy! All they wanna do is
                 play house, jump rope, play hop scotch, (Piper shakes his head and
                 begins to exit) jacks and dolls! . . . I was just kidding you Piper!
                 (Rusty laughs as he exits)
copyright 2008 Terry Price