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GRANDPA  Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice week! Let’s all start

                  by singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” (ALL sing) Today, we’re

                  going to talk about unconditional love. Who can tell me what that


ROCKY        I know, I know! It means to love someone without conditions.

GRANDPA  Very Good Rocky! So, what does it mean to love someone without

                  any conditions?

SANDY       It means to love people no matter what they look like, who they

                  are or what they have done.

GRANDPA  That’s exactly right, Sandy! So, why should we love everyone like


PIPER         The Bible tells us that Jesus told us to love each other.

GRANDPA  Thank you, Piper! In John 15:12, it says, “This is My commandment

                  that you love one another as I have loved you.” Can someone tell me

                  how we know that Jesus loves us?

RUSTY        When Jesus died on the cross, He died for everyone so that they all

                  could be saved.

GRANDPA  Yes, Rusty! The next verse, John 15:13, reads, “Greater love has no

                  one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 3:16

                  says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,

                  that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting

                  life.”  So if God loves the world does this mean that some people can

                  not be saved?

ALL              NO!

GRANDPA  So, we are also to love each other. We don’t have to die for our

                  friends to prove that we love them, so what are some ways we

                  can show our Christian love?

OPAL          We can say nice things to them and say nice things about them!

GRANDPA  That is a good start, Opal! What else can we do to show our love?

CRYSTAL     We can do nice things for them like helping them with their

                  homework. I even helped a friend of mine with her chores so we

                  could have more time to play together.

GRANDPA  Wow, Chrystal, I’m really proud of you for that! There are many

                  other ways we can show our love to others.

PIPER          I walk home from school with a boy younger than me because he kept

                  getting picked on by bullies. They don’t bother him now!

GRANDPA  That’s really nice of you to do that, Piper! I think that you all are

                  getting the idea of ways to love other people! The important thing is

                  that others see the love of Jesus in us. Why is this so important?

SANDY       They will see the way we act around others and hopefully, they will

                  want the same. Many people don’t like the way they live and want

                  something better. We can tell them about Jesus, and that He died on

                  the cross for them. We can also tell them that they can go to heaven if

                  they have Jesus in their hearts, too!

GRANDPA  Very good, Sandy! I couldn’t have said it better. I hope that you all can

                  find ways to show your love to others and you should also ask Jesus

                  to help you.

CRYSTAL     I just want you all to know that I even love my brother Rocky even

                  when he misbehaves.

ROCKY        O.K., O.K., Crystal, but I have been doing better lately, even Mom says


GRANDPA  Crystal, it’s good that you love your brother like you do, but it’s

                   easier to love other Christians than those who are not. So, let’s all

                  try to find new friends who don’t go to church and show our love to

                  them because they need it the most. Let’s try to invite them to church

                  in the next coming weeks and don’t forget to pray for them. It’s about

                  time for us to go, so I’ll see you all later!

(ALL say goodbyes and exit)