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Bad Times Ahead


RUSTY:       (Rusty and Crystal enter) Crystal, I’ve been hearin’ a lot about

                    bad things happenin’ around us and it makes me scared!


CRYSTAL:  I know, Rusty, and I feel bad about bad things happening to

                    other people, too!


RUSTY:       It looks to me like things are getting worse than ever before.

                    Years ago, there wasn’t much news about hurricanes,

                    earthquakes, tidal waves, and many people getting sick with things

                    like cancer.  Also, I’ve been hearin’ a lot about people hatin’ each

                    other and wars that may be happenin’ soon!


CRYSTAL:  You seem to be very aware of things going on around you!


RUSTY:       It’s not hard when you watch the news on T.V. and the internet!


CRYSTAL:  Rusty, did you know that Jesus told us that these things would



RUSTY:       Really?  Where in the Bible does it talk about it?


CRYSTAL:  There are several verses in the Bible, but I think that the ones

                    preachers use most are found in Matthew 24, verses 6 and 7.  Verse

                    6 says, “And ye will hear of wars and rumors of wars.  See that

                    you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but

                    the end is not yet.”


RUSTY:       So, Jesus tells us not to worry about all these bad things, because

                    the end is not yet.  What does “the end is not yet” mean?


CRYSTAL:  That’s a good question, Rusty!  I think that it means that all the bad

                    things will not be over yet.


RUSTY:       You mean, it’s gonna get worse?



CRYSTAL:  I’m afraid so, Rusty, but the Bible talks about the Rapture taking

                    place before it gets really bad.


RUSTY:       Oh, yes!  I heard about the Rapture where all the Christians will be

                    taken up to heaven someday!


CRYSTAL:  That’s right, Rusty!  Until that day comes, we need to pray every day

                    for God to watch over us and keep us safe and protect us.


RUSTY:       What verse talks about all the bad things that will happen?


CRYSTAL:  Verse 7 tells us what will be happening, so that we can know what

                    we need to pray about.  “For nation will rise against nation, and

                    kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines [or no food]

                    pestilences [or sickness] and earthquakes in various places.”


RUSTY:       O.K., I understand, we need to pray about things instead of just

                    worryin’ about them, right?


CRYSTAL:  Yes, Rusty, and we need to pray every day, don’t we?


RUSTY:       With so many bad things goin’ on, we really should!


CRYSTAL:  You know, when we get to heaven, we won’t have anything to worry

                    about and we will be with Jesus and His love forever!  I have a song

                    I’d like to sing called “Nothing can Compare to Eternity.” 

                    (CRYSTAL sings the song.)


RUSTY:       Thank you for helpin’ me not to worry about the bad things and that

                    all I need to do is pray.  That was some good singin’, too! 


CRYSTAL:  You’re welcome!  It’s O.K., Rusty and I’m glad I could help you

                    understand those things.


 RUSTY:      So, in heaven, there won’t be any bullies in school…in fact, there

                    won’t be any school anymore either!  YAHOO!!! (RUSTY dances

                    around with excitement)  See ya later Crystal!

CRYSTAL:  Bye, Rusty! (BOTH exit)       


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