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(Puppets: Rocky and Sandy) (Both enter)

Rocky   Sandy, what’s a miracle? 

Sandy   A miracle is something that only God can do.

Rocky   Well, I don’t understand. The other day, Mom was talking about a miracle that

            Dad did.  

Sandy   Oh? What happened?

Rocky   When I came home from school, and you were at soccer practice, I saw Dad come

           home early from work and...

Sandy   (Interrupting) That’s not really a miracle, Rocky.

Rocky   I know that, but it’s what he did when he got home!

Sandy   What happened?

Rocky   When he got home, he cleaned up the house!


Sandy   It’s nice that he did that!

Rocky   When I saw him cleaning up, I decided to clean my room, too! Then Mom came

           home after shopping for a few hours. When she saw that the house was clean,

             she dropped the bags she was carrying, raised her hand in the air, and said,

            “It’s a miracle!”

Sandy   Ha, ha! That’s funny!

Rocky   It really did happen, Sandy!

Sandy   I mean it was funny that you cleaned up your room, too!

Rocky   What’s so funny about that?

Sandy   I have been praying that you would clean up your room!

Rocky   Ok, Ok! Do you think that Mom was praying for Dad, too?

Sandy   Mom does a lot of praying, so it was probably an answer to her prayer.

Rocky   I haven’t had many answers to my prayers. What do I have to do to make sure

            God answers mine?

Sandy   Psalms 66:18 says, "If I regard iniquity (or sin) in my heart, the Lord will not

           hear me."

Rocky   I see what you’re saying! I’m gonna tell God I’m sorry for my sins and ask that

            He would heal Grandma’s heart!

Sandy   Good for you Rocky! I’m really proud of you! Does this mean that you’re going

            to start cleaning your bedroom, too?

Rocky   Well, maybe, but don’t push it! (Both exit)