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                                    MEET THE CHARACTERS


OPAL           (Merciful) She is the sister of Rusty and Piper. Opal 
                               hates to see others get hurt.

RUSTY           (Prophet) He is aggressive, outgoing, and seems to be 
                               aware of the consequences of sin                                                        

PIPER           (Teacher) He likes to teach those younger than him in
                               action and words. He seems to really know the Bible.

SANDY           (Merciful) She is the sister of Crystal and Rocky. They
                               are cousins of Opal, Rusty and Piper. Sandy is very
                               willing to learn about spiritual things and looks after her
                               little brother, Rocky. She is careful not to say things that
                               might hurt other people.

CRYSTAL      (Server) She seems to always be in a cheerful mood and
                               enjoys helping others.

ROCKY           (Organizer) He likes to organize things and pretends to
                               know more than what he does. Rocky is a newcomer to
                               children’s church and has a lot of his own ideas.

GRANDPA     (Giver) He is a good giver and is willing to give whenever
                               whenever he sees the need.  Grandpa is Beryl's father.

BERYL          (Exhorter)  He loves to encourage others to do right.  He
                               is the father of Opal, Rusty and Piper.