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                                   THE DECISION


               (Props: one toy car, one toy air plane and several paper planes)


RUSTY    (Enters) Mine, mine, mine!  This toy car is all mine, because it was

               given to me on my birthday.  It belongs to me and nobody else!


ROCKY  (Enters) Happy birthday, Rusty!  Hey, that’s a neat car you got.  Did

               you get it for your birthday?


RUSTY    Yes, and it’s mine, Rocky!  It was given to me, so I won’t let anyone

               play with it but me, (points to self) me, me, me!


ROCKY  Alright, if that’s the way you want to play . . ., Oh, would you like to

               come to my house?  I’ve got two new air planes to play with!


RUSTY    O.K.!  See ya later!  (Rocky exits and Rusty sings the first verse of

               “I Have a Toy Car”) Oh, this is so boring, just playing by myself in my

               room with my new toy car.  Rocky’s such a nice friend and I think he

               showed me something I never really thought about before.  I’ve been

               playing with me toy so much, I’m tired of it, besides, playing with

               Rocky’s a lot more fun!  And come to think of it, when Jesus was my

               age, He never did anything wrong!  The Bible even says in Luke 6:38,

               “Give and it shall be given unto thee,” so I’m gonna do like the Bible

               says and share my toy with Rocky!  (Rusty exits)


ROCKY  (Rocky enters and sings the second verse of “I Have a Toy Car”)


RUSTY    (Rusty enters) Rocky!  Rocky!  Are you ready to play?


ROCKY  Yes, Mom said I could play for a couple of hours.


RUSTY    Great, and guess what, Rocky!  I brought my brand new toy car!  I

               want you to play with it, but there’s just one thing . . .


ROCKY  What’s that, Rusty?


RUSTY    Will you let me play with one of your toy planes?


ROCKY  Sure!  (Both sing the third verse of “I Have a Toy Car”)


RUSTY    That sure was fun, can we do this next week, too?


ROCKY  You bet!  Maybe I could come over to your house and play?


RUSTY    Sounds good to me!  (Throw several paper air planes from behind



VOICE     Hey, now cut that out, you two!


RUSTY    I guess we better go for now!  See you later!  Bye!  (Both quickly exit)


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