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BERYL       (Beryl and all children enter) O.K., everyone!  It’s time for the

                   Easter egg hunt!  (All children act excited) Everyone line up and

                   turn around.  (Children face away from audience) Is everyone ready?

                   (Children act excited again) On your mark . . ., get set . . ., GO!

                   (The children disappear off stage making a lot of noise which

                   continues during the hunt.  After a few moments, Rusty comes back



RUSTY       Dad, I can’t find any eggs!  Every time I saw one, they got if before I

                   could.  I don’t like this game!


BERYL       Now, now, Rusty!  You’re giving up too easily!  Hurry up and get

                   back over there and see if you can get some!  (Rusty exits and Beryl

                   speaks to the audience) I hope that Rusty learns today that there are

                   more important things in life than Easter eggs!  (After more

                   excitement and noises, they all return one or two at a time, talking

                   about the eggs they had found, except Rusty.)  Where’s Rusty?


SANDY       He’s back there somewhere!


CRYSTAL  Yeah!  He’s probably still looking around to see if we’ve missed any!


PIPER         Well, I’m sure we found them all!


ROCKY      Yes, and probably some that were left from last year, too!


ALL            Yuck!


BERYL        Let’s quiet down now, children.  I think I can see Rusty coming.

                    (Rusty enters with his head down)


OPAL          What’s the matter, Rusty?


RUSTY        All I found was one Easter egg!


ROCKY       Ugh!  It looks like one from last year, too!


BERYL       I told you that you could find one!


RUSTY       Yes, but it doesn’t look so good!


GIRLS        (Looking at Rusty)  Ick!  It sure doesn’t!


BERYL       Nevertheless, Rusty, I’m glad you went back out there and tried!


RUSTY       (Almost in tears) Yes, but everyone else got a bunch of them and I

                    only got one yucky one!


BERYL       Did you hear that, children?  I’m going to let all of you decide what

                    to do!


PIPER         I found 14 of them.  I guess I could give him half of mine.  I’ve

                     already got a bunch more at home that I can eat later!


SANDY       I can give him two of mine!


CRYSTAL  I’ll give him four of mine!


ROCKY      I’ll give him half of mine!  That’ll be three!


BERYL       Good for all of you!  I hope you’ve learned that if you need

                   something, we’ll be more than glad to give it to you when we can.


RUSTY       I guess I didn’t think about what Easter’s all about.  I should’ve

                   seen that Jesus wants us to live a life different from lost people and

                   be like Him!


BERYL       Eggs-actly, Rusty!  You know, in Romans 6:4, the Bible says, “that

                   like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father,

                   even so we also should walk in newness of life.”  This is what the

                   Lord wants us to do every day so that others can see Christ in our

                   lives, just as the others did giving you their eggs.  When others see

                   you having a fun happy life in Christ, they’ll want that kind of life,

                   too!  Bye, bye everybody and have a happy Easter!  (All say good

                   byes and exit) [If you want to, (and if it is safe to do so,) you could  

                   toss plastic Easter eggs filled with candy from behind the stage 

                                towards the audience.]