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RUSTY         (Rusty and Piper enter) Piper, why are we here?

PIPER           We’re here to be in church. The Lord wants us to be in church

                     so we can learn more about Him.

RUSTY          I know that, but why did God make people?

PIPER           Hmmm . . . That’s a good question, Rusty! I’ve thought about

                     that, too! I tell you what, let’s ask Grandpa. (Looks towards
                     audience) Maybe you boys and girls would like to know the

                    answer to that question, too! On the count of three, let’s all yell

                    “Grandpa!” One . . . two . . . three . . .

GRANDPA    (Enters) Well, well, well, what’s all the commotion about?


PIPER          We want to know why God made people.


GRANDPA     Hmmm . . . That’s a good question, Piper! I’ve heard people say

                    that God was lonely, so He made people to keep Him company,

                    but I believe that God made them to worship Him. Piper, when

                    Christians go to heaven, do you think that they will be just standing

PIPER          No!
GRANDPA     What will they be doing?

PIPER          They will be singing praises to God, worshipping Him and talking

                    about all the wonderful things that He has done.


GRANDPA     Do you believe that they should be doing these things, now?

PIPER          Why, yes, Grandpa!
GRANDPA     Jesus wants everyone to worship Him. He knocks on their

                        heart’s door, so He might enter in and be a part of their life. It’s

                        just sad that so many people ignore it or don’t want to be saved.

                        Revelation 3:20 says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if

                        any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him,

                        and sup with him, and he with Me.” Only people who have trusted

                        Christ as their Savior can truly worship God!


RUSTY          Thanks, Grandpa! I see that if God didn’t make people, then they

                       wouldn’t be here! Since God did make them, they should be very

GRANDPA    I think you understand it very well, Rusty! Well, I better be going

                       now, see you later! (All say good byes and exit)
copyright 2008 Terry Price