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ROCKY          (Rocky enters) Today is Bible study at Grandpa’s. I think I’ll

                     show up late today. If I do that, then I’ll miss out on the Bible

                    study and get in on the games and refreshments. I know . . ., I’ll

                    tell them I forgot about Bible study, but remembered to go at the

                     last minute! (Rocky exits)

GRANDPA     (Grandpa, Crystal, Piper, Sandy and other children enter) It’s

                    almost time to get started. Crystal, where’s Rocky today?


SANDY         Oh, he said he was coming, when I talked to him yesterday!

GRANDPA     I’ll tell you what we ought to do! Instead of having Bible study

                    first, let’s start with the games and refreshments, since Rocky’s

                    not here yet. I want everyone here when we have our lesson.
CHILDREN    Oh, boy!

ROCKY          (Rocky enters) I’m already a half hour late. They should be done

                    with the Bible study by now! (Rocky exits)


SANDY           (All enter with Rocky entering from the other side) Hello, Rocky!

                    You missed out on all the fun and refreshments, already, but you

                    came just in time for the Bible study.

ROCKY           I . . ., Oh . . ., I missed out?

PIPER             Yes, but come join us, since you’re here!

ROCKY          Oh . . ., O.K.!

GRANDPA     Say, it’s good to have you with us, Rocky! I was getting pretty

                    worried about you, because your sister said you were coming.

                    What happened to you?

ROCKY          Oh . . ., I just remembered a few minutes ago!


GRANDPA     I’m glad you could make it, anyway, Rocky! Today we’re goin’

                    to talk about being on time. (Rocky looks away from Grandpa until

                    he’s finished talking) We’re responsible to others and to God to be

                    on time. Can you imagine what it would be like if a preacher was

                    late for church? Can’t you just see all the people just sitting and

                     waiting until he got there?
SANDY           That would be awful! (Rocky continues to look in other directions)

GRANDPA     When he got there, he would have to cut his sermon short, so

                    everyone could leave when they were supposed to go. If you open

                    your Bibles to Romans 7:18, we’ll see why we have this problem of

                    being late. Crystal, will you read it please?

CRYSTAL      Yes, Grandpa! “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,)

                    dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me, but how to

                    perform that which is good I find not.” (Rocky starts looking down)


GRANDPA     A lot of times, we have the right attitude about doing the right

                    things, but when it comes down to doing it, we sometimes put it off.

                    A person needs to ask the Lord to help him keep those plans he’s

                     made, to keep a good testimony. This reminds me; I better let you

                    go home, because your parents are expecting you home pretty soon.

                    (All say good byes to each other and exit, except Grandpa and

                    Rocky who stay)
ROCKY          Oh, Grandpa, I’m sorry! I lied to you. I came late because I didn’t

                    want to come to the Bible study.

GRANDPA     Oh, I understand, Rocky. I think you learned your lesson for today.

                    I want you to know that I put this lesson together a few days ago!

                    Say, I still have some refreshments left! Would you like to take

                    some home with you?
ROCKY          Yes, sir! (Both exit) 
copyright 2008 Terry Price