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ROCKY          (Rocky and Sandy enter) It sure was nice of Dad to give us

                    fifty cents each, Sandy! You know what? He’ll never know what

                     I’m gonna do with my money! I’m gonna spend it all at the store.
SANDY           Rocky, please don’t do that! You know what Dad said about how
                     you should spend your money! He wants you to give ten percent
                     to the Lord. As for me, I’m gonna do as Dad asked!
ROCKY          (Reaches into his pocket) Oh, no, Sandy! I lost one of my quarters
                     through a hole in my pocket. Do I still have to give ten percent of
                     the quarter that I still have?
SANDY           I’m afraid so, Rocky!

ROCKY          Well, I don’t see why it’s so important! I’m gonna spend this on


GRANDPA     (Grandpa enters and Sandy sighs with relief) Hello, you two!

CHILDREN     Hello, Grandpa! 

SANDY          Grandpa, I’m trying to tell Rocky about giving ten percent to the

                     Lord. Could you tell him about it for me, please?

GRANDPA      Yes, Sandy! Rocky, the Lord wants us to give ten percent of our

                     earnings to Him, and to give offerings, too!

ROCKY           How much is ten percent?

GRANDPA      It’s ten cents for every dollar that you earn.


ROCKY           So, if I have fifty cents, then I should give five cents?

GRANDPA      That’s right!
ROCKY            What happens if I don’t?

GRANDPA     Malachi 3:9 says, “Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed

                    me.” This means that if we don’t give ten percent of our earnings

                    or give offerings to the Lord, He won’t bless us for it!


ROCKY          Thank you, Grandpa, for telling me that!

GRANDPA     That’s O.K., Rocky! I’ve gotta go now, so, I’ll see you later!
CHILDREN    Good bye, Grandpa! (Grandpa exits)

ROCKY          Sandy, I know what I’m gonna do with this quarter I have left!

                    I’m gonna give it all to the Lord, so I can get blessings!

SANDY           Good for you!

ROCKY          Wait a minute! I think I’ve got a rock in my shoe! (Rocky bends

                    down) Hey, I found my other quarter!


SANDY          So, what’re you gonna do with that quarter?


ROCKY         Well, I’m gonna get candy for both of us!

SANDY          Oh, Rocky! You can be such a wonderful brother!
ROCKY         Oh, knock it off, Sandy! (Both exit)
copyright 2008 Terry Price