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ROCKY         (Grandpa and Rocky enter) I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about

                    serving the Lord, lately, Grandpa. Do you have any ideas about

                    what I can do?

GRANDPA    Well, the church needs to have a new classroom finished before

                    next Sunday. We need to paint and wall paper the room. You can

                    help us paint if you like. We’ll be working all day Saturday, until

                    we’re done.
ROCKY         O.K., I’ll be there! (Grandpa exits and Piper enters)

PIPER            Hi, Rocky! Say, are you goin’ to help me visit our bus route,

ROCKY         Oh, sure, Piper! What time’re you goin’ to pick me up?
PIPER            Be ready by ten o’clock!
ROCKY         O.K.! (Piper exits)

CRYSTAL    (Enters hurriedly) Hey, Rocky, don’t forget about junior choir

                       practice this Saturday!
ROCKY         O.K., I won’t! (Crystal exits hurriedly)
RUSTY        (Enters) Did you hear, Rocky? Our baseball game’s been

                   postponed until Saturday at two o’clock, because the field is too

                   muddy. You’re gonna be there, right?

ROCKY         Ah . . ., right, Rusty, see ya then! (Rusty exits) Boy, I hope I won’t

                   have any problems doing all these things on Saturday. Let’s see . . .,

                   I’ve gotta visit my bus route at ten, be at choir practice by one and

                   I’ve gotta baseball game at two. Oh, no! I also told Grandpa I’d

                   help him finish up the classroom! I hope we finish the game early!

                   (Rocky exits)

ROCKY        (Enters with Grandpa) Grandpa, I finally made it to help you finish

                   up the room!

GRANDPA   I was expecting you much earlier that this! What happened to you?


ROCKY        I’d a been here sooner, Grandpa, but the baseball game went into

GRANDPA   Rocky, we’re just about to finish up. You’ve certainly had a long

                   day doing other things for the Lord, but you did tell me you were

                   going to help!
ROCKY       I’m sorry, Grandpa! I guess I got too many things I had to do!
GRANDPA   Oh, I understand Rocky! But, you need to understand that when you

                      start doing too many things, that some things that are more important

                      might not get done. I’d like to share a verse with you, it’s James

                    4:17, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to

                    him it is sin.”

ROCKY         Oh, I see! I guess I should do all the important things first and then

                    do the other things later.

GRANDPA    That sounds O.K. by me! But promise me one thing.
ROCKY         What’s that, Grandpa?

GRANDPA    Your Mom told me to tell you to clean up your room when you get


ROCKY         Oh, no! I better go home now! Sorry, Grandpa, I don’t have time

                    to help you clean up!
GRANDPA    That’s O.K., Rocky, I understand! I just wish more children had the

                    desire to serve the Lord like you do! See ya Sunday!

ROCKY         Bye, Grandpa! (Both exit)
copyright 2008 Terry Price