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CRYSTAL   (Crystal and Sandy enter) Hello, Sandy! Do you know what Rocky

                    did? He left his room in a mess and he’s been gone all afternoon!

SANDY        That’s Rocky for ya!

CRYSTAL   Well, I don’t mind cleaning up his messes, but not all the time!

SANDY       He’s just a boy!

CRYSTAL   I sure hope we don’t have any more brothers! (Rocky enters) Oh,

                   hi, Rocky, we’re just talking about you. I had to clean up your mess

                   today! I bet that’s why you ran off, just so you wouldn’t have to

                   pick up all your toys. You’re lazy! I hope we never have any more

                   brothers like you! (Rocky walks off with his head down.)

SANDY       Crystal, you shouldn’t have been so mean to him. You don’t always

                   have to pick up after him, do you? . . . Well?

CRYSTAL   I guess you’re right. I should’ve told Dad about it. He can get things

                   across better than I can. (Sandy and Crystal exit)


ROCKY      (Enters) Boy, they were sure mean to me! I think I’ll go somewhere,

                   where people are nice . . . I know . . . I’ll run away from home . . . to

                   Grandpa’s house! (Exits and reenters with Grandpa) Hi, Grandpa!

                    I came over to spend the night!

GRANDPA    That’s strange, I haven’t heard anything from your parents about you

                    spending the night here! Let me call them to find out why they

                    didn’t tell me about this!


ROCKY         Uh, Grandpa, you really don’t have to call them, do you?


GRANDPA    You mean to tell me, you don’t want your parents to know?

ROCKY         Yeah, kind of . . .

GRANDPA    Rocky, tell me, are you having problems at home?


ROCKY         Well, (looking down) . . . yes, Grandpa. My sisters, I mean,

                    Crystal was saying bad things about me!


GRANDPA    So, you ran away from home . . . You know, this reminds me about a

                    story of a prodigal son, in Luke 15. That parable is about a boy who

                    asked for his possessions and left home. He didn’t know how to use

                    his money and spent all he had. When he was broke, do you know

                    what he ended up doing?

ROCKY         No!

GRANDPA    In Luke 15:16, it says, “and he would fain have filled his belly with

                    husks that the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.”

ROCKY         Iiick!
GRANDPA    How much money were you taking with you?
ROCKY         I don’t have any, Grandpa!
GRANDPA    Then, how could you make it on your own?
ROCKY         (Sandy and Crystal enter) Well, I . . .
SANDY          Oh, there you are, Rocky! I was worried about you!
ROCKY          You were? What about you, Crystal?

CRYSTAL     Well, I guess I was, too! I was upset with you because I had to

                       clean up your room!


GRANDPA    Rocky, your sisters really do love you, but sometimes, they don’t

                    like the things that you do!

SANDY          That’s right, Rocky! Let’s all hurry home now, because Mom and

                    Dad are worried about you, too!


ROCKY         They are? O.K.! Let’s go! Bye, Grandpa, and thanks! (All exit)


copyright 2008 Terry Price