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Hello,my name is Terry Price, and I put this website together to
share my free puppet skits.  You will also find other things
 that will help, such as my workshop notes, lyrics, tips, and


Why am I wearing this shirt?

Read my book "Miracles Happen"

and you will find out why!


​Check out my 2 newest plays:



"Grandpa's Sunday School -

Unconditional Love"

You will find them in the menu section.


Also, My song "Nothing Can Compare to Eternity" was a TOP SONG on Hilltop records!!

To listen to song, go to Music Videos in the menu section on the left.

My newest addition to Music Videos is "Backslider Blues."



This is my newest book

available at: https://authorhouse.com/Bookstore/BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=Miracles%20Happen

"This memoir shares a compilation of stories detailing some of the miracles 

that the author has experienced in life and how God has played a role."

For more information on this book go to the tab "Book: Miracles Happen" on the left side of this page.

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  Below, you will find my first book that I authored.
You can click on the book or the text below it, if you wish,
for viewing and or purchasing.






 For e-book click below:



*If you can't find a puppet play that fits your needs or if you have any other comments, please make request or comment to "puppet play blogs"*




The puppet plays on this web site are copyrighted, so all I ask is that you do not

publish any of these plays without my consent.  If you have any questions, please

contact me at: terryprice577@yahoo.com                  

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