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12-12-2017 12:17:09 PM CST

The Atheist’s Dilemma



     There are two kinds of atheists, the sincere atheist and the insincere atheist. The sincere atheists believe in atheism because they haven’t been proven that there is a God, and the insincere atheist does not want to believe in God no matter how much you can prove them wrong.

…..The sincere atheists are easier to talk to are open minded and they are fewer in number than the insincere atheists. What makes many atheists insincere is they believe that they have the truth because evolution is a “fact” and is therefore understood to be true and does not need to be “believed,” or require “faith.” They use these words because they claim to not be a religion and do not want to sound like one. The problem is that for a fact to be true, we have to accept it as the truth. When we believe a statement is true we accept it to be so and then it becomes a fact to us. They say that God doesn’t exist and yet they can’t prove it, therefore, they have to believe that He doesn’t exist in order to accept it a fact.

     The problem with this thinking is that there are atheist churches starting up in our country. They sing songs about man and nature but not God during the first part of their service which is a form of worship. They talk about things like humanism, secularism, progressivism and evolution which will be discussed in this article. These are taught as if they are their church doctrines. There are some serious problems with these teachings that would require a book to explain, so due to limited space, this will be brief.

     They also live their lives according to what they believe. Most say that there is no afterlife so they live their lives with no thought of judgement for the way they live. Their morality depends only on the laws of the land and not on God’s Word. They violate the first four commandments just by being atheists and have no moral absolutes. They do what is right in their own eyes and usually don’t respect the right of others (for example: Christians and other religions.)

     Humanism is a system of thoughts or actions concerning human interests or values. This leaves God out of the picture, but they can believe that man will one day evolve into gods. For example, they believe that one-day everyone will be able to do things with their minds such as read each other’s thoughts and move objects just by thinking about it. They focus on the things man can do and their own accomplishments.

     Secularism is the opposition of religion in schools and public places. This goes against our Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives us the right to practice our religion. It says our government cannot set up a religion by making it the only religion in the United Sates.

     Progressivism is the advancing towards something better. Atheists believe everything is evolving into something better but the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that things are actually getting progressively worse. Our universe and everything around us is in a state of decay. Elements have half-lives which means that they will eventually decay after many thousands of years and some sooner than others.

     Evolution is the changes occurring over time in the genetic and physical shape of an organism. Many things can be said about this that proves that it is not happening. I have listed some of these things:

  1. Abiogenesis means “No life beginning.” The statistics show that it is so improbable for evolution to occur that it is impossible.
  2. The Geological Column for evolution does not exist on this earth as the textbooks state.
  3. All of the “ape-to-man” bones have been proven to be hoaxes.
  4. Carbon 14 dating is inaccurate.
  5. The Tree of Evolution is just guess work.
  6. DNA does not prove evolution doesn’t prove evolution as it just shows the similarities.
  7. Fossils do not prove evolution. They just prove that that animal or plant existed.
  8. Mutations do not prove evolution. Bacteria that mutates is still bacteria. Mutations in most all other forms of life are either lethal or harmful.

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